Why Accessories Are So Relevant And Especially Now

Posted by Christina Christofi on

We have always known that accessories complement your outfit but in fact they do so much more.  Accessories are your way of expressing yourself and your individuality. With the global pandemic we are facing the role of accessories just stepped up.
With so many of us working from home using Zoom – the trend is to adorn the top half of your body and remain comfy on the bottom half ( so think hoops, fancy top and leggings on the bottom!). We have seen an increased demand for earrings as women look for affordable ways to update their looks, frame their faces and to add something new to their wardrobe.  A statement earring is such a low cost way to do this.
Also, trends for necklaces remain strong as they are versatile to dress up or dress down with loungewear.  Layer them for a more intricate look and buy ones that represent things you love like lucky talismans, coins with pearls or something that you feel is “you”.
Accessories have always adorned trendsetters who make their mark. Take Iris Apfel – the accessories queen who said: I think jewelry can change an outfit more than anything else. Transformation, punch, individuality: One or all of the above are why you should wear jewelry.”
Given the times we now face - accessories are a key staple to add to your wardrobe – affordable, easy to shop for and the quickest way to transform outfits. 

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