What is fashion?

Posted by Christina Christofi on

Fashion is about expressing your identity, using your clothes to tell someone something about you.
Fashion gives us many ideas of what to wear and how to wear it.
This does not mean that we have to copy everything just to follow fashion and become famous and attractive.

Unfortunately, social media give us always the concept that every day
we have to buy something new, something "in fashion" just to keep
the others happy.

On the other side, "in fashion" can be a total white dress with the same shoes
that you used to wear ten years ago, but with the "in fashion" hairstyle.

We have to learn how to identify the real fashion, how to shop the right pieces.
We can be fashionable and chic 365 days, without spending thousands.

Just wear your best accessory and get out of the house.
Did you ask which accessory?
Well, your smile... 

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