The Magic Three

Posted by Christina Christofi on

Many of you must be wondering how and why someone wants to start an online store. Well, for us it was so easy to take this decision since 'offering' is what we really love. Fashion is art, art is inspiration, love and time, and all this together can conclude to amazing results. 

Inspiration is what I am doing right now. I let my feelings veil my mind and heart, trying to write down my thoughts and trying to explain to you in the best way, why Adelia is what I love. Inspiration can start even from a bad thought or a good thought. Which is the best recipe? None, just you, yourself and cup of coffee. 

Love is in everything. Everything we see, everything we touch has love in it. Love is a word that has not a perfect definition. For this reason, fashion will never be perfect, because the love that fashion has in it, is always different and unexpected.

Time, can we really define time? The only thing that I really believe, is that time can give us moments, and these moments can change us. Can we say that time is the change? 


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