A different spring

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Dear friend,

I know that this spring is not what we really expected. However, there is always a bright side to every dark feeling. Staying home seems boring, but what if we take this advantage to explore ourselves and reconsider our relationships.

Read a book, is something that you hate right? Pick one that is close to your preferences, that will make you think and question things. In this way your mind will keep working.

Then, you can cook. Many people believe that they are not good cookers. Well, now is your time to explore your talents. I am sure that measuring a cup of sugar and a cup of flour is not that hard. Cooking is something that takes time, needs preparation before you start and cleaning after. Also, this is something that you can do with the company of your husband, boyfriend or your kids.

Another thing that you can do is gardening. If you are living in a flat or in a small house without a huge garden, do not worry, you just need a pot, a vegetable and soil. There are so many different videos explaining how to plant by using only the seeds from the veggies that we already have at home. Gardening is caring, you will love it.

Lastly, you can organize your home for the new season. This does not necessarily mean wardrobe organizing. Organizing your space, means to clean your kitchen and reorganize kitchen's cupboards. Clean your living room and prepare your space for the new season, by changing the pillow cases into more bright colors, change the candle and prepare your vases for some fresh flowers.

Keep it real and positive. Spring 2020 is something that we will not forget any time soon. It will be the point where all of us will reconsider our actions, come closer to the people that we love, think and appreciate life, and most importantly, create stronger bonds between us. 

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